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NCS Certification

Achieve a Higher Level of Recognition as a Certified Newborn Care Specialist

As a Certified Newborn Care Specialist, you are recognized as a competent newborn care professional, whom has demonstrated quality training, skill and professionalism in the industry. The International Newborn & Nanny Care Association recognizes professionals who meet a quality standard of service and excellence within the newborn and child care industry.  Achieving INCA certification indicates that you have met certain qualifications, evaluation, verification and requirements reviewed by a third-party body of industry professionals.

Career Advancement

Qualify for better opportunities as an approved and certified newborn or nanny care professional.

Certification Badge

Earn and display your quality credential including certification and logo badge.

Directory Listing

Get listed on our directory as an INCA Approved Newborn Care Specialist or Nanny Professional.

INCA International Newborn Care Associat

Join the Best of the Best

  • INCA Approved Certification and Affiliation

  • Certification Badge and Authorized Logo Use

  • Official Certification Listing in the INCA Directory 

  • Recognition by Industry Leaders and Employers

  • Professional Advancement and Credentialing

  • Exclusive Newsletter, Resources and Events

  • INCA Approved Provider Spotlight Opportunities

  • Greater Opportunities and Earning Potential

Achieve a Higher Level of Success!

Find out the requirements, process, and fees for certification.

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