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Welcome to the International Newborn & Nanny Care Association!  The INCA is an organization dedicated to the development and advancement of child care education for families and caregivers worldwide. 


INCA is a leading authority in newborn/nanny care evaluation and certification within the private sector.  Newborn Care Specialists, Infant Care Providers, Professional Nannies, Newborn Nannies, and Educators, advance themselves by meeting a higher standard of both practical and theoretical newborn care services and education.  It is the ultimate mission of the INCA to advance the private child care profession by promoting continuous learning and overseeing qualifications, experiences and standards.

Maintaining a High Standard of Excellence

Far too many families and caregivers are left on their own to determine standards of conduct and care in the child care industry.  We strive to remove the uncertainty and raise the professional bar ever higher with our standards of quality newborn care excellence.  

Experts Who Genuinely Care

Our team of industry experts including early childhood educators, healthcare professionals, wellness officers and others who are invested in the growth of newborn care professionals, have developed a fair and effective review, requirement, and assessment process that all approved providers must undergo to ensure a trusted standard of excellence.

If you want to go fast, go alone.  If you want to go far, go together.

Our Mission

Our Mission

To promote the professional advancement, training and quality of care provided by newborn and nanny care providers worldwide.

INCA International Newborn Care Association
Accreditation for Newborn Care Specialists

Our Vision

Professional certification and recognition for every Newborn & Nanny Care Provider.

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